The networking rack in the library cabinet holds various electronic devices that support the house's network, entertainment systems, and smarthome functionality.

Hardware Edit

The rack is a Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet that can be deployed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. It has six "units" of capacity.

Rack Slots Edit

Slot 1 Edit

Slot 1 is currently unoccupied

Slot 2 Edit

Slot 2 holds a power supply.

Slot 3 Edit

Slot 3 is currently unoccupied

Slot 4 Edit

Slot 4 holds the switch for supporting wired Ethernet connections.

Slot 5 Edit

Slot 5 holds a shelf for supporting smarthome hubs and surge protectors

Slot 6 Edit

Slot 6 is deliberately left open. Slot 5 provides extra space for connecting wires to and from the devices on the Slot 4 shelf, and for connecting fans to the top of the rack.