Water and Sewage Edit

Water is provided by a residential well. In addition to serving the house and guest house, the well supplies an irrigation system throughout the grounds.

We rent water softening equipment from Culligan, which also provides salt deliveries. A water heater is set up on a timer in the utility closet.

Different septic systems service the main house and the guest house.

Future Edit

We hope in the future to add solar panels, perhaps from Solar City.

Electricity Edit

Electricity is provided by Bandera Electric Cooperative.

Internet Edit

Internet is provided by Rock Solid Internet. The Internet connection supports the home network.

Future Edit

  • BEC may provide broadband to the street in the future
  • CommZoom runs to the Flying L and may expand to the house in the future.

Television Edit

Satellite television is provided by Dish Network.

Waste Edit

Trash Edit

Vaquero provides waste management services to the street. I contacted them for service setup on September 22

Recycling Edit

Scrap Solutions of Kerrville will pay for scrap metal


Air conditioning is provided by two A/C units.

Future Edit

When re-digging the pond, we may add in geothermal cooling.

Gas Edit

Propane is supplied to the house by a 250 gallon propane tank installed by Propane Depot, which also provides propane delivery. We own the tank after the previous residents rented a tank from Amerigas. The propane tank serves the range and three gas fireplace starters. At one time, the propane was connected to the spa heater.


The house includes various smarthome systems, including: