The well supplies water to the house, the guest house, and the grounds. It has a 5 hp submersible pump connected to a 110 gallon bladder pressure tank via 2" PVC pipes.

Maintenance and Repairs Edit

2017 Inspection Edit

The well was inspected by Buddy's on May 23, 2017 at a cost of $350. The well inspection results were as follows:

The well has a 5 hp submersible pump. The pump was tested and is drawing 21 amps, which is within the normal range. If the amps measure too high or too low that would signify an issue with the pump/motor itself. The pump is on 6 gauge well wire and includes a ground wire. Current state code requires there to be a ground wire. There is a bladder pressure tank, approximately 110 gallon capacity. The pressure was checked and measured at about 30 PSI. The pressure tank had the proper amount of air in it and maintained good pressure. The tech checked the control box, pressure gauge, pressure switch, all of the PVC and galvanized fittings to make sure there were no defects and no repairs are needed. The well was flowed for aobut 30 minutes and a water sample for E. Coli/Coliforms was taken and submitted to BCRAGD.
The well and its components are functioning properly at this time and have passed inspection but the water results are not available at this time.

The water results later came back clean.

2017 Broken Pressure Valve Edit

A pressure gauge and valve on the well broke on September 21. It was repaired by Buddy's on September 22, 2017. During the September 22 repair, Buddy's also repaired a below-ground leak between the pump and the pressure tank.